School Classroom Loan

Eligible for Classroom card:
1. All teachers at Bristol Elementary School are eligible for free classroom cards.
2. Cards kept at the school. Teachers may not check out personal items on their classroom cards.
3. Classroom teachers are responsible for the timely return of materials they have checked out for their classrooms. The loan period is 1 month and may be renewed for another month if necessary. Teachers are not assessed fines for overdue materials. Lost or damaged books will be charged to Bristol Elementary School in the same manner as our regular patrons. Teachers are asked not to exhaust the library’s collection of books on one topic.
4. DVDs that teachers wish to use in their classrooms may be checked out for up to two weeks. The library will hold the DVD for a certain date if the teacher arranges this with the Children’s Director. The Children’s Director is responsible for having the DVD pulled three days in advance of the scheduled date.

Adopted by the Bristol Public Library Board of Trustees on 12-21-2017