The Public Library Access Card (PLAC) is the name for the statewide library card, enacted by law (Indiana Code 4-23-7.1-5.1). The PLAC program allows an individual to borrow materials directly from any public library in Indiana. Each library determines what materials are eligible for loan through the PLAC program, but at least books that normally circulate must be available for loan. An individual who holds a valid public library card may obtain a PLAC.


The fee for a PLAC is determined each year by the Indiana State Library.

Issuance of Card
1. The Indiana State Library will provide a supply of numbered PLAC Cards at no cost to the library.
2. The card will show: name of cardholder, address, home library. The card is issued to one specific person, not a family.
3. Any public library can issue a PLAC card to any patron statewide.
4. Patron must have a valid library card and be in “good standing” at their home library.

The Bristol Public Library determines that a patron is in good standing if the current library fines of the patron are $5.00 or less, or at the discretionary advice of the home library.

Determination of “good standing” will be done in the following manner.

A Bristol Public Library staff member should call the home library to verify that the patron has a valid library card from that library and that the patron is in good standing. If the home library cannot verify the patron’s card of the patron is not found in good standing, the Bristol Public Library reserves there right to deny privileges until the card is validated or the fines are paid.

Local Agreements 

The Bristol Public Library has signed agreements with the following county libraries: This agreement allows residents of each library district to borrow items from a public library in the other library districts without the PLAC card.
• Wakarusa Public Library
• Elkhart Public Library
• Goshen Public Library
• Middlebury Public Library
• LaGrange Public Library
• Nappanee Public Library

Overdue and lost materials

PLAC cardholders will be charged the same overdue rate fee as resident patrons in the library’s district. Cardholders must pay for lost materials.

PLAC Procedure
Patrons can buy a PLAC card at any library
They must have a library card from some library. Call that library to verify that they are in good standing. Must have proof of address.
1. PLAC card cost; cash or check made out to Bristol Public Library. Give money to director to deposit in special account.
2. Fill out a PLAC card: expiration is one year from that day’s date or expiration of patron’s home library card – whichever is sooner. Patron must sign.
3. If they don’t have a Bristol Library Card already, use normal procedure for patron card.
Fill out our patron card form (write PLAC on the top of the card) Computer profile name is REC-PLAC. Expiration date in the computer should be the same as the PLAC expiration.

Approved by the Bristol Public Library Board of Trustees on December 21, 2017.