What is novelist?

Novelist is an application designed specifically to connect you to your next read based on what you like!

So how does it work?

Simply click one of the links below, and you will arrive at the novelist search engine where you can search for books based on unique criteria! In fact, instead of just looking at titles, you can look up by keywords such as “1960s japanese murder mystery” and the search engine will return related books. In fact, when you click on a book, you can even find related books to that specific title or titles you enjoy and thus you will never run out of material!

Additional features

  • Create folders to organize book collections of information
  • Parents can use it to match books to lexile level (your reading level)
  • Browse books not only based on book read-a-likes, but author read-a-likes, series read-a-likes, and even narrator read-a-likes!

Get started with Novelist today!

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