Meeting Room Policy

The Library Board of the Bristol Public Library recognizes the need for groups within the community to reserve the use of the Meeting Room for public gatherings. In keeping with the library’s mission to support the educational, professional, and recreational needs of the community it serves, the Library board permits the use of the meeting room to non-profit groups at no charge provided that they follow the prescribed rules and procedures. Other groups will be assessed a basic rental fee of $25.00 for an event. All activities engaged in direct or indirect revenue collection or private gatherings such as anniversaries, birthdays, or open houses will be charged the rental fee. Groups with special situations not falling into the above categories can be granted use of the room by the library director.

Library-sponsored programs and events will take priority over all programs

The following conditions must be met by any group reserving use of the meeting room:
1. The person reserving the room will do so by contacting the library staff. The group name will be placed on the reserve calendar provided all conditions herein defined can be met. He/she accepts responsibility for any damage to the room or its contents by signing this reserve document.

2. Events must be held during library hours unless approved by the director.

3. Persons reserving the meeting room must be 21 years or older. A responsible adult must be attending the event for which the room is reserved.

4. Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are not permitted on library property. Smoking is prohibited on library grounds.

5. There will be no general admission charged to the event. Buying or selling of goods is not permitted. Special situations may exist for Library and Friends of the Library activities.

6. Food service is limited to light refreshments or boxed meals. Groups must provide their own food service utensils and equipment.

7. Furniture and equipment needed for a meeting should be reserved at the time the room is reserved.  A video/computer projector is available for use with a ceiling-mounted screen. Ask for instructions from the library staff before using the audio-visual equipment. Library staff will make chairs and tables available for groups to set up themselves. The chairs and tables should be taken down and left in the same manner as they were found when the meeting is completed.

8. Events held when the library is closed will use the east door only. The main door to the library will be locked and there will be no access to the interior of the library except for the restrooms and hallway next to the meeting room.

The library board is authorized to deny use to any group that is disorderly, or in violation of any of the above regulations.

Before leaving, make sure:
1. All lights in the meeting room, hall, and restrooms are turned off.
2. The restrooms have been vacated and the toilets flushed.
3. All areas used by your party are left in a neat and orderly arrangement.
4. When leaving, make sure the door is securely shut. Leave the key in the white audio/visual drop box.

I have read the meeting room policy, understand its contents, and accept responsibility for the use of the Bristol Public Library Meeting Room.

Name of responsible party:



This signed form stays in effect until December of the current calendar year. Each year a new form must be signed.

Approved by the Bristol Public Board of Trustees on December 21, 2017.