Fax Policy

The Bristol Public Library provides fax in a shared manner by the library and the general public.

The fax number is 574-848-4391.

The machine is operated by library staff. Library users who need the fax service will be accommodated as soon as possible Library services and operations, however, will take priority over public fax use.

     1. The fax may be used to send and receive material.
     2. Library users must be in the library to send a fax. They may NOT leave their material at the library to be sent at a later time.
     3. The fax confirmation sheet will be received when the fax has been successfully sent. A receipt will be given if requested.

Incoming faxes:

Library users must alert the library as soon as possible if they expect to receive a fax.  The library will attempt to notify people that their fax has been received. The library users must pick up the fax as soon as possible. Payment is expected at the time of pickup.


Local and long distance: $2.00 for up to 10 pages – there will be no charge for the cover sheet.

Incoming fax:

$2.00 for up to 10 pages

Endorsed and passed by the Library Board of the Bristol Public Library in the State of Indiana on August 24th, 2017.